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Could you post your html code as well please? Guessing its a specificity issue. Eg. .noborder border: none content table border: 1px solid 000000 Справочник HTML переехал на новый сайт с коротким и простым адресом codebase.Когда в теге

используется атрибут border без значений (
), то браузер отображает рамку толщиной один пиксел. The following HTML table will be displayed with borders around the table cellsCompatibility Notes. The border attribute of
is not supported in HTML5. Use CSS instead. CSS Example: Add borders to a table. (It also helps find this page again more easily.) HTML Table With Border Design Pattern.This is an actual working demo of the table example code below. See HTML-5s HTML Table Tutorial for more details on how to create an HTML table. The HTML Table Border attribute sets the width of Border around the table and table cells.By default there is no border around HTML Table and Table Cells. If you want to hide (No Border) Border permanently, you can set this property to either 0 or -1 .

RE: Borderless tables? JamesLean (Programmer) 23 Nov 04 11:08. I think border-collapse is IE-only. You need to use normal table HTML otherwise: CODE. table.outer border: 1px black solid border-collapse: collapse width: 750pxThe code above is rendered as follows: Back to table . HTML Table Border. How to set border around table?