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I currently have a 4G sim card and I plan on buying a new phone that only supports 3G.So you MAY need to get a regular sim card IF the 3G phone you get needs a regular sim card and NOT a micro sim card. Is this signal problem normal to occure when the network switches from 3G to 4G? Vodafone Romania dose not offers VoLte if this is any help info for you. Maybe some other users here were faceing the same issue. Do you think its a good ideea to change the phone? Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. Can custom ROMs change a phone from 3G to 4G?Can I use a Reliance Jio 4G SIM in a 3G phone? Which HTC phone supports 4 G? Yes Here is Trick to use Reliance Jio 4G Sim to 3G android phone. Trick is very simple to all peoples and working perfectly.bro i also have same mobile canvas nitro a311 but whenever i select 4g/3g/2g auto mode in mtk app it auto changes to wcdma network. Q3. Tell us what you think. What could we have done to answer your question better? I am dissatisfied because. I could not find the information to resolve my issue.Phone Support. Want to know if your 4G LTE SIM cards will work on a 3G phone? Continue reading to see details belowEtisalat 4G LTE SIM: this sim works perfectly, it doesnt need going to Etisalats offices to change your old 3G SIM to a 4G SIM just like MTN and Glo. Change this option to WCDMA only (or 4G/LTE only, if your phone supports it) and your phone will automatically switch to 3G only mode.

Unless you understand what you are doing, dont tweak any other option in this menu as it can lead to problems. You can not change a 3g phone into a 4g phone. In order to use 4g services, you would need to buy a 4g enabled mobile phone.hi, i would like to ask if you know how to connect smart phone to a HDMI tv. Today ill be sharing with you how to change your network most people wanna browse on 4G speed especially glo users.Ignorance is a bad thing. If ur network doesnt have 4g then whats the use of switching ur phone to 4g, u are still going to get 3g speed. If you dont Have 4g Smartphone then Use Reliance Jio Other 4G Sim in 3 G android Mobile Phones or any Handset Device by Changing Engineering Mode setting Applying Other 3g to 4g Convert App Tricks. NOW YOU CAN CONVERT ANY 2G/3G MOBILE PHONE TO 4G [LTE] In this video youll learn how to change your 2g, 3g mobile to 4g [LTE]. Its very simple trick and works in all android mobile phone. In anticipation of getting a 4G phone can order a 4G sim now and use the 4G sim as a 3G sim with a normal 3G Goodybag in an iPhone 4? Follow the steps to change 3G mobile to 4G LTE or VoLTE for JIO 4G SIM enabled. The Jio 4G SIM require minimum 4G smartphone (Apple/ Android or Windows).Follow the below steps to convert existing 3G Phone to 4G in 5 minutes. You can watch our youtube video too. 5.47. If 3G card change to 4G card, will change the phone number or not? For specific details, please consult your network provider. 5.48.5.

49. 4G mobile phone shows the 3G signal. Please make sure whether the SIM card you use is a 4G card. If not, please change. 3 Replies Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 5:33 AM by Snn5. Can I Change from 3G to 4G plan?Im planning on upgrading to an iPhone 6 from a 4, so I have to change my prepaid plan from 3G to 4G. Is it possible to do so without changing my phone number? Today I am giving you best trick to use free internet in any 3G phone. Just stay with me to see that miracle happened.After that select network mode to 4G LTE. Now simply click on Apply and make your changes. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Mega, I have a 4g sim from old phone but this new phone is 3g, can I use my 4g sim for a 3g phone? Rooted Android Phone to change IMEI ,Device ID ,Google Ads ID [ if not change then Jio team can spot you and can disable your SIM].Video With Proof How To Use Jio 4G SIM In 3G Phones? Method 01 Only For MTK [MediaTak] Android Phones. So we easily change your android device 3G range to 4G range. We get 4G signal on 3G enable android device and you can easily upgrade your 3G phone to 4G using engineering mode android application. Hi friends, This is not possible to change 2g phone to 3g Phone because its network is only which support 2g network which is called as GSM or gprs and the 3g handset has the device in it which capture UTMS network or E or H. So to convert another thing which require to convert it is the software. Phone information1 stands for SIM Card 1, while phone information2 stands for SIM Card 2. Best 4 Methods to Force 3G/4G LTE Mode on Android Devices. Here comes the main topic of discussion, forcing 3G/4G only mode on Android devices. It is 3g so i have riqwest for you my phon update to 4g phones are more valuable than want change phone these suport 4 g but how conect the speedup Enjoy Airtel 4G plans with high speed unlimited data plans with 4G WiFi, airtel hotspot, 4g data card, 4G mobile phones in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, etc.It can be changed between devices anytime. We offer a compatible SIM for your current phone, or a new one. Yes.! we can use 4G sim in 3G phone but you will get 3G speed not 4G because you just change network bands not hardware :p so you can only access data not Calls or SMS. When I choose the other, it doesnt do anything. it says, "registered on network".

so, Im guessing, I cant change from 3G to 4G??I can add one, but dont know the info for it. The APN looks right. My SIM card worked in my other phone, just fine. Given that some people change their phones almost as often as their underwear and the average length of ownership is less than 3 years its likely your present smartphone will be nothing more than a distant memory by the 3G service is eventually wound up. I dont see the connection between APN settings and which band (2G/3G/4G) the phone uses to register into the cell network though.Related questions. contact app crashes after add -> webpage -> change type. My phone is MotoE2nd gen 3g I changed the bands to lte/GSM inserted jio sim left 2nd slot empty ,created a new app named honeystill not working plss hlp me plss.hi my mobile is Micromax Canvas Xpress 2, how can i use jio sim. Trick 3: Xorware 4G Interface App. This is another simple method to get 4 G work in 3G phone but you need to have a rooted device.Sir I had changed my phone to 4g but there is no network when I insert jio sim. Orange 4G. How to benefit from 4G? Check if your Sim and device are 4G enabled. Enter your phone number.How can I change the settings on my phone to get connected to 4G? Apple iOS If both change per mode selected on yours you have to change both in adb.Hi, I have a problem with my phone. It registers the 4g network to connect where in Brazil only 3G and 2G receive calls. Could you teach me to put these commands in Terminal Emulator? Convert 3G Phone to 4G Phone. 4G 4G everywhere , Dont have any mobile to use ? No problem we are here to help you.In this rapid growing world , our technology is also growing with a bullet speed.If it doesnt works. 5. Go to Engineering mode and Select Change LTE bands. Solved: Can I upgrade my network from 3G to 4G LTE without changing my phone number?LTE doesnt tag to the number, as long as the network is available then youll be able to use it but make sure you have upgraded your SIM to uSIM which support 4G. Follow these simple steps to convert your 3G phone to a 4G phone.Cant they avail these services? Well, theres one thing you can do to make your phone 4G capable. SEE ALSO: 5 Android and iOS Apps for Phone Call Encryption. Soft rebooting (restarting) and Hard rebooting (taking out the battery) could help. You should also consider changing your location. How can I stop the constant tanks from 3G / 4G to Edge? Sponsored Links. One technique that works for me is to set the phone to WCDMA only instead of Disclaimer: 3G to 4G Converter does not change your device Hardware or Software only with apps handbook You can make your friends with 3G Phone Show You work with 4G speed We do not support any of the products and Apps listed above. Two days back i changed my sim from 3g to 4g in online they delivered new 4g sim at homeHow to use 4g handset Airtel 4G sim Actually my handset sport 4g but I am not use 4g data only use 3g use 4g phone How to convert 3g to 4g Plz tell me. 3G or 4G Give me, EDGE or 2G Keep it. See the guide at Fix constantly dropping to 2G or Edge on an MTK Android phone if you missed it.How do I change my preferred network type (between 3G and 2G)? 4G phones are more valuable than 3G so i want to change my 3G smartphone to 4G.I dont know how it is possible.but if it happens then my problem will be solved. The reason I asked is to make sure this old 3G phone will work with my new ATT LTE data network plan so I can ask ATT change from the nano SIM (iPhone 5S) to a regular SIM card. How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones? (Method 4). 1- Firstly, you need to download both Xorware 2G/ 3G/4G Switcher Xorware 2G/3G/4G Interface App.3. Next Select Network Mode to 4G/LTE. 4. Click on Apply to make Changes. Below are two solutions, with which you can Toogle Switch or Change from 2G to 3G or force 4G LTE only mode or vice-versa. Many are trying to switch to 4 G LTE so that they can enjoy Reliance JIO 4G VOLTE free calling and unlimited data offer on mobile phones. Hope this article will help you to know details about How to convert 3g to 4g. Share this article How can i Convert 3g phone to 4g Free Tricks, Tips, Steps, Process to your friends and family.can i change ma oppo R1011 3g to 4g ????? if then how ????? Every time I change the preferred network it automatically change to GSM auto (prl) and as you said my phone (moto g2 ) in settings dont have option of lte.I have xolo windows phone running on 3g. Can I upgrad it to 4g. my phone is micromax a311 how can i use jio sim in my 3g mobile plz reply.IF you still dont know how to use in 3g mobile let me know but i will recommend you to try method 5 by changing preferred network to any LTE option. No You cant update a 3G phone to support 4G! It doesnt work Like that. 4G Needs some different hardware to receive and process the 4G signals and just a Software Update wont change its hardware. How to make a 3G phone 4G ? If you also have any of these questions in your mind.This way you can convert your 3G phone to 4G and use reliance jio sim card. It is not possible to change a mobile phone software untill hardware allows us to do so. Will my 3G iPhone 4S SIM card work (have service) once I put it in my new Galaxy Note 2? Or can I call Verizon and have them change something?Best Answer: Yes, you can use your 3G SIM in the 4G phone. Source(s): ? 5 years ago. 4G Only Network Mode opens a secret menu where advanced network configurations can be selected. Features -. change network to "LTE(4G) only" mode phone will disconnect less often leading to FASTER INTERNET SPEED enable VoLTE on supported Dear Rod. thanks thanks for the information, I did the process the 3845855 and change the configuration the device with the opcion ONLY >> RATHey I have an lg Optimus L90 phone and 4g lte is not working for me. I tried typing in both of the listed phone numbers above but not working.

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