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PNR Status Enquiry is the first check you make prior to boarding your train. It is important to have up-to-date information of your train ticket booking.PNR Status by SMS? You can send a text to Indian Railways number 139 for PNR Enquiry. What is PNR Status? Indian Railways assigns a PNR number to all the passengers who have booked a ticket on a window or via IR-CRS (Computer Reservation System).2) Check PNR status through SMS. So for checking PNR status they can use PNR status by sms facility provided by Indian Railways. You need to just send sms on given below numbers in proper format and you will get information such as Train Status, Train Alert, PNR Status, Seat Availability, Train Schedule, Train Fare National Train Enquiry System. SMS Service.You Queried For : PNR NumberPlease Note that in case the Final Charts have not been prepared, the Current Status might upgrade/downgrade at a later stage. Check PNR Status. Your Recently Viewed PNR Numbers: Join our Community, Be the first of your friends.Enter your PNR number and then hit enter to view the details of your journey and seat allotment. How to check PNR status through SMS? Check you PNR Status? Passenger Current Status.SMS the following to 5676747. PNR . Example: PNR 9999999999. Railway station at inquiry counters. PNR means Passenger Name Record. PNR is a 10 digit number which is issued by the indian railways when a passenger books a train ticket.Apart from online, you can also check PNR status through sms or voice calling. Different ways to check the IRCTC PNR status Enter 10-digit Indian Railway PNR no for IRCTC PNR Status check Online. Get Booking, Train PNR Status on Mobile, SMS.

So, if you want to get your Train PNR Status know about PNR Number, How to check PNR status, Ways to check, etc. from the below sections. Reply with PNR PNR Status, TL Train List, TA Ticket Availability, e.g sms PNR to get PNR status. Now to check your IRCTC PNR status, send a message PNR to 5676747. 3. Check PNR Status using SMS. 4. On Railway Enquiry Counters at the Railway Station.Steps to check the PNR Status online are as follows: Firstly you have to visit any of these websites and then Enter PNR Number and click on Check. What is PNR status? PNR imply passenger name record its 10 Digit Unique Amount generated if a passenger book a train ticket via Online or Offline.You can still check PNR Status with your mobile or landline.

Just Dial 139 and follow the instructions.

Via SMS: SMS PNR <10 Digit PNR Number> to Reply with PNR - PNR Status, TA - Ticket Availability, TL - Train List e.g sms PNR to get PNR status. Now to check your IRCTC PNR status, send a message PNR to 5676747. For example, PNR 0321654332. You can check your Reservation Status with a Single Click after Entering the PNR Number.You can get Passanger Name Record(PNR) by sending an SMS to 5676747 by typing PNR<10 digit Number> You can also check your PNR by sms your pnr no to 5888 or 57886. For the people who has no internet facility/have Slow net connectivity will be able to get the information about pnr status check, Indian railway irctc pnr check or information about Irctc train booking status/Train number or train name Indian Railways has started SMS service that will provide all You can easily check the PNR status using the PNR number that is specified on your ticket.PNR Status on your mobile. For getting the Indian Railway PNR status, SMS PNR <10 digit PNR No> to 139. PNR Status - Best way to check PNR Status Online ( working Amazing ) - Kesto: 1:52. Rebecca Thorn 472 nyttkertaa.GET PNR ALERT ON SMS ANY TIME ANY NUMBER - Kesto: 1:02. PNR STATS 205 nyttkertaa. SMS- is one of the efficient and widely used methods to check pnr status. It is not only easy to do but also saves a lot of time and energy of people as all they have to do is pick their phone, type their pnr number and send that message to 139. using SMS service Check PNR status using SMS facility Send text message to 139 number just type PNR followed by PNR number. Check It By SMS: If you are a person who likes messaging than calling, then the easiest way to check the INR status is toThus, status check for PNR is just a call away. The people of Delhi and Mumbai get an extra benefit as they can get the can information by dialling 139 followed by the PNR number. PNR which stands for Passenger Number Record is the absolute method to find out the details about everything related with train.Current Reservation Status Check Using SMS. Railway has launched SMS service for PNR enquiry to enhance customer satisfaction. You Can Get PNR Status through SMS Also. Other than online checking, it is possible to check PNR status via phone also.Indian Railway department provide the following number to get PNR status via phone or SMS. PNR means Passenger Name Record which contains itinerary of all passengers travelling. PNR number is a system that generates a unique 10 digit number which is printed on the upper right corner of Indian Railway Ticket.In this article we will know how to check PNR status by SMS. Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a unique number that identifies your booking, which is issued by Indian Railway for passengers.PNR Status through SMS/Phone. Indian Railways allows you to check the PNR status of your reservation in few other ways. So here we will discuss how to check your ticket is confirmed or not with the help of SMS.When you book an offline or online ticket a PNR number is allocated to you. PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a 10 digit number which is mentioned on the top of the ticket.The PNR status of your IRCTC or Indian How do I Check PNR Status? Checking your PNR status is simple. Of course, there are different ways of doing it.One can also get PNR status through mobile SMS through the following process . Type text PNR Space 10-digit PNR No. Send SMS to one of the numbers 139, 5676747, 57886, or Enter the 10-digit PNR number below. Note : The server of PNR Status is hosted by Indian Railways, if the server would be down then you might not be able to get the PNR Status and in that case you shouldFollow the steps provided below to check how you can check Train PNR Status By SMS. SMS: PNR to 57886.All you need to do is, just type PNR and send it to 139. Within few moment you will receive a text message with your current pnr status. Rail Riders PNR tracking tool gives you real time updates via SMS on every change in your PNR status. Start Free Notification everytime pnr statusHe receives his PNR number on his registered mobile number. This service helps you to check PNR status for Train Online that whether it is Now to check your IRCTC reservation status, send a SMS PNR without the double quotes to 5676747. For example, PNR 1234567891. Check Your IRCTC PNR Status, Passenger Name Record (PNR) for Indian Railways, is a ten digit number identifying each Reserved ticket.How can I check PNR Status of Reservation? PNR status can be checked vis SMS, Phone Call or Online. You can check the PNR Status through SMS also. Just you need to send one SMS to the below mentioned number and wait for a while to get SMS back to your moile with Current status of your PNR. There are several ways to check PNR Status which is also called IRCTC PNR status by the officials of PNR Status Indian railway department.You must keep this number safe to get information about your PNR status through different ways including online website, SMS, mobile application and You can check PNR Status using a mobile (with no GPRS Connection).Just send a SMS from your mobile to get the PNR details of your train ticket.For Example:Pnr Number is 1234xxxxxx. What is PNR Status? PNR Stands for Passenger Name Record.Through SMS and call pnr status- You can check reservation status of ticket by mobile SMS to these following numbers. PNR <10-digit PNR number> to 5676747 PNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 54959 PNR <10-digit PNR Number> to The Indian Railways passenger name record, also known as PNR, is a number that gives a variety of travel information to ticket-holders.Other ways to enquire PNR status are: 1. Current reservation status check using SMS. Passengers can check the PNR status by using 3 Digit SMS short code which is officially provided by IRCTC service however passengers need to make payment for premium SMS charges. Process of fetching PNR status: Send an SMS with text PNR followed by the PNR number (without any spaces) PNR or PNR Number is a "Passenger Name Record".With PNR Number, you can CHECK PNR CHECKING SMS MOBILE NUMBER. Follow up the status of your train ticket using this PNR number. If you have an message pack on your Sim, then to you will charged the same rate that appear to normal message. No need to pay any cost for SMS services.In this site you also easily check you PNR status by putting your 10 digit number. This PNR number is used to maintain the record of Passengers.How to do PNR Status Check : By using this website, you can get PNR Status of your ticket in 3 easy steps. Get PNR Status Through SMS. You can also do railway pnr enquiry by SMS.With this helpline number you can easily check PNR number status of your rail ticket. To know your PNR no status simply dial 139 from your landlines or mobile number. To check your latest reservation status you need only your PNR number. Just enter PNR number in our PNR Reservation Status Check tool and get the status.The PNR status mobile facility is also available, you can check PNR status through SMS, to check PNR status via SMS send your PNR PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a 10 digit code written on top-left corner of a ticket.You can check your ticket reservation status from our site by inserting PNR number and clicking on the "Get PNR Status" button. In order to check PNR-status on mobile through SMS using free service, SMS your 10-digit PNR number to 139 or kindly use below WebApp in your mobile to receive pnr status as SMS. PNR Number is the Passenger Name Record Locator.Online PNR Status : You can try Indian Railways or Check PNR Status IRCTC. PNR Status on SMS : Type your "PNR PNR-Number-here" and send it to 5888 or 139 or 5676747 or 57886. How to check PNR status? There are many mediums through which PNR status enquiry can be made. Most popular ways are listed belowThis SMS service is maintained by railZone. sms PNR and send it to 5676747 For Example: PNR 1023456789. PNR Number is the Passenger Name Record Locator. Online PNR Status : You can try Indian Railways or Check PNR Status IRCTC. PNR Status on SMS : Type your "PNR PNR-Number-here" and send it to 5888 or 139 or 5676747 or 57886. What does PNR number mean? pnr number on Indian Railways ticket. PNR stands for passenger name record and it tells you your current status on the WL (waitlist) or RAC (reservation againstUsing SMS service Check your PNR status by sending an SMS in one of the following formats What is PNR number? PNR stands for Passenger Name Record.This facility is now available for checking PNR status through Android, Apple I phone and Windows mobile application. Through SMS service You can check your Indian Railways PNR Status here. Enter 10 Digit PNR number in the text box and press Get Status button.Getting PNR Status through SMS You can do it through SMS, phone call, online, and mobile app. It is advisable to write and save your PNR number at a safer placeCheck Railway PNR Status Online. This is probably most convenient method among all. All you have to do is, visit, there go to the PNR section.

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