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The BMW M235i Racing makes it affordable to enter motorsport with a car that meets the highest technical specifications. As of 2018, the BMW M4 GT4 will complete the range of BMW Motorsport customer cars. The race prepped 2014 BMW M235i Racing sports a fuel cell, racing slicks, a full cage, and a whole bunch of other go fast goodies.2014 BMW M235i Racing - First Drive. We see what the Racing version of the M235i is made of. 2014 BMW M235i specs, specifications, laptimes, acceleration times, pictures, photos, engine data, top speed.Peugeot RCZ R vs BMW M235i. More BMW cars 352. 2007 BMW M3 420 ps, 1580 kg. Images of the BMW M235i Racing at the racetrack are now available in the BMW Group PressClub Sport, at: Three questions for Martin Tomczyk. That was the case recently with the BMW M3 GT4, and that is now being superseded with the BMW M235i is one of the leading resources for sports car enthusiasts, featuring extensive photo galleries, specifications, videos and daily updated news. Looking ahead, the BMW M235i Racing should also be successful on international stages for BMW Sports Trophy drivers. The motorsport genes are also easily recognisable in the production version of the BMW M235i Coup, courtesy of the M235i Racing является гоночной версией 2 серии от подразделения BMW Motorsport.

Автомобиль имеет 3,0-литровый рядный шести-цилиндровый мотор с максимальной мощностью 333 л. с. (245 кВт). Specifications BMW 2 Series Coupe, 03/2014. BMW M235i Racing Car F22 официально был представлен в Лас-Вегасе с кабриолетом 4 серии. Данная модель основана на топовой модели 2 серии купе — BMW M235i F22 и представляет собой доступный автомобиль для спорта на начальном уровне.

BMW M235i Racing Specs Revealed Race Car 03.How Wed Spec It The Perfect 2014 BMW 2 Series. 2013 BMW M235i Coupe F22 Specifications Carbon Dioxide Emissions Fuel Economy Performance Photos 358182. BMW M235I RACING | видео. Гоночную BMW M235I RACING впервые показали на видео . Правда, немного замаскированную. Пока не известны все характеристики и возможности авто. Bmw M235i Specs | 2017 - 2018 Best Cars - BMW M235i Racing Cup Spec 2016. Based on the upcoming BMW 2 Series and aimed at amateur and semi-professional racers, the 2014 BMW M235i Racing is a stripped-down, race-spec coupe ready to take on the Nrburgring in the VLN Endurance Championship race series against cars from Audi, Porsche and Toyota. The M235i Racing replaces the M3 GT4 as BMWs factory racer, and it will be priced at 59,500 euros (close to 80,000), which is about as affordable as a factory-prepped racecar can get. Cars BMW 2 series BMW 2 series M235i/FBO Pure St.2 500. FakeHeader. Racing TC III (ссылка) Развальные рычаги и Разводные опоры Billy Bons (ссылка) Выхлоп Custom прямоточный by Pasha (Щелково) (ссылка) — Продажа! Информационный дисплей AWRON Click here for more information about South Africas 2 Series model range. Specifications: Model: BMW M235i AT Engine: 3,0-litre, six cylinder, turbopetrol Power: 240 kWTo whet our appetite for what could only be the upcoming M2, BMW has released details of its M235i Racing model. На данный момент BMW M235i — наиболее драйверский автомобиль, построенный на базе «единички».

Для поддержки спортивного имиджа купе BMW второй серии в 2014 году немцы начнут продажи гоночной версии M235i Racing. The BMW M235i series 2 coupe is a significant improvement over the previous generation in terms of style and performance.Specifications. Engine Type: 24-valve inline-6, direct fuel injection, turbocharged. Настройки BMW M235i Coupe. Welcome to Форум CSR Racing 2. Приветствуем вас на форуме CSR Racing 2! Для того чтобы воспользоваться всеми возможностями, зарегистрируйтесь или войдите в свою учетную запись. The production models from the BMW M Performance Automobiles range are already incredibly sporty. Because of this, we did not have to make many modifications in order to get the BMW M235i Coup up and running as a racing car. The M235i Racing is unlikely to be made available here, but BMW Australia has not ruled it out. Its not something we would look at usually, said BMW Australias General Manager of Corporate Communications, Lenore Fletcher Volkswagen. Volvo. Car Specifications.BMW published some pictures of the M235i Racing which will participate in a series of races , including the VLN Endurance Championship and the 24 -hour race of Le Mans. 4 Specifications. 4.1 Engines.The M235i Racing is a racetrack version of the 2 Series developed by the BMW Motorsport division. It is used at the BMW M235i Racing Cup, a BMW only event within the VLN (Nrburgring Endurance Championship). BMW has released a video with a lightly camouflaged track-only M235i Racing which will be part of the firms race-spec offerings. The Bavarian entry-level racing car begins at 59,500 EUR (VAT) and is eligible for the VLN Endurance Championship and Nrburgring 24 Hours. M235i RACE CAR SPECS. Full PDF. DIMENSIONS. Length: 4,454mm. Max. width: 1,862mm (without mirrors). Height: 1,380mm. Wheel base: 2,690mm. Max. track width: 1,608mm. ENGINE / TRANSMISSION. Straight six-cylinder petrol engine. BMW M Performance TwinPower Turbo. Back when the BMW M235i was the hottest tamale in BMWs kitchen, the BMW M235i Racing was even hotter. The track-developed, privateer-racing model was brought out by the Motorsport division with a simple aim: to conquer circuits around the world. The BMW M235i will be receiving some special attention, being equipped with a six-cylinder inline engine with the well-received M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology. It would thus develop around 333 horsepower for a capacity of 2,979 ccm, for its racing capabilities. BMW M2 на Женевском автосалоне 2016. M235i Racing является гоночной версией 2 серии от подразделения BMW Motorsport. Specifications BMW 2 Series Coupe, 03/2014. New Kid on the Block. We hitch a drive in the awesome new BMW M235i Racing series F22 at its competitive debut in the pre-qualifying race for the Nrburgring 24 Hours. Come and race an M235i Racing, they said. Itll be fun, they said. You know the Nurburgring, right?. Well, I thought I did. Мотоциклы BMW. Выберите раздел для перехода серия 1 серия 2 серия 3 серия 4 серия 5 серия 6 серия 7 серия i серия X1 серия X3 серия X4 серия X5 серия X6 серия Z Мини Мото Rolls-Royce Классика (авто) Классика (мoto) - Аксессуары Специальные предложенияM235i Racing. BMW M235i Racing pricing and specifications.BMW Motorsport has released details of their track-only M235i Racing. Priced from 59,500 (VAT), the 2 Series racer is eligible for VLN Endurance Championship and Nrburgring 24 Hours. Looking ahead, the BMW M235i Racing should also be successful on international stages for BMW Sports Trophy drivers.Vehicle information, history, and specifications from concept to production. Салон BMW M235i Racing оснащен спортивными сиденьями Recaro Pro Racer SPG, 6-точечными ремнями безопасности и омологированным FIA каркасом безопасности. Стартовая цена на BMW M235i Racing составляет 59.500 евро (с учетом НДС). The BMW M235i Racing is a production-based customer racing coup that meets all the basic requirements to compete in entry-level racing car series.M235i Racing Car Specifications BMW M235i Racing.В салоне установлены спортивные кресла-ковши Recaro Pro Racer SPG шеститочечные ремни безопасности Schroth и каркас безопасности соответствующий стандартам FIA. BMW has released full specifications and new images for the (track-only) hero model in the new 2 Series range, the M235i Racing.The M235i Racing is 4454mm long, 1862mm wide (without mirrors), 1380mm high and has a wheelbase of 2690mm. 2015 bmw m235i coupe exterior and interior walkaround 2014 chicago. nouvelles photos bmw serie 2 m235i.Project Information. Title. Bmw m235i racing specs revealed bimmerfile. We test the latest factory built race car from BMW. On special invite from BMW, we were one of a few magazines in the world that actually had the pleasure BMW M2 на Женевском автосалоне 2016. M235i Racing является гоночной версией 2 серии от подразделения BMW Motorsport. Specifications BMW 2 Series Coupe, 03/2014. BMW Купе BMW M235i получило гоночную подвеску и каркас безопасности.А теперь немцы выпустили в продажу гоночный вариант этой же машины — дрессированный специалистами BMW Motorsport болид BMW M235i с громкой приставкой Racing в имени. BMW M235i Racing Cup. 3. Art 1.5 General Regulations, Permitted Modifications and Installations.N/A. Art 1.8 Exhaust Prescriptions. All vehicles must be equipped with a single catalytic converter with the following specifications: HJS catalytic converter according to DMSB homologation R9010-10. The BMW M235i Racing also features KW dampers, HR suspension sprints as well as HR anti-roll bars both up the front and at the rear. With these performance improvements, you obviously need a better braking system and thats exactly what BMW has fitted. BMW M235i Racing.With a capacity of 2,979ccm, the racing version is capable of generating 333hp (245kW). Motorsport-specific driving aids such as ABS, DSC and traction control provide the required support motorsport newcomers will benefit from. Двухдверный автомобиль BMW M235i Racing предназначен для выступления в чемпионате на выносливость VLN, марафоне «24 часа Нюрбургринга», моносерии BMW Sports Trophy и других шоссейно-кольцевых соревнованиях. BMW M2 на Женевском автосалоне 2016. M235i Racing является гоночной версией 2 серии от подразделения BMW Motorsport. Specifications BMW 2 Series Coupe, 03/2014. BMW M235i Cup Racing Review - YouTube. BMW.SG - BMW Singapore, BMW News, Videos, Specifications - BMW.SG - BMW Singapore Owners Community with BMW News, Videos, Insider Reports, Model specifications and more! Established since 2001 The BMW M235i Coupe is the latest member of the BMW M Performance Automobile family. It embodies intense driving pleasure that isIts large air intakes, with flaps adapted from racing car design, also occupy the space reserved for foglamps in the other BMW 2-Series Coupe model variants. 2 Specifications. 2.1 Engines.It is used at the BMW M235i Racing Cup, a one make cup within the VLN (Nrburgring Endurance Championship), and is sold to customer teams in other championships. This BMW M235i Racing cup car has won 5 of the 6 races ( 24H Zolder) in 2016 BMW M235i Racing Cup!Mileage: 14.667km. Description / Specifications: Engine: Typ N55, 6-cylinder engine with M-Performance TwinPowerTurbo technology. Racing-spec BMW 2-series on sale to private racing teams for 59,500 offers 328bhp from 3.0-litre straight-six engine.The BMW M235i Racing, a race-spec version of the new M235i, has been officially launched. The BMW M235i Racing also comes with a FIA-approved roll cage, six-point racing harness from Schroth and Recaro Pro Racer SPG racing seats, while the stopping power is provided by high-performance brakes featuring four-pot fixed calipers.

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