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However, the number 51 NGH (Singh) sold at this most recent DVLA auction for a total price of just under 254,000, which demonstrates that there are still at least a few fine plates yet to be released. The latest batch of personalised number plates is going under the hammer at the second three-day DVLA auction this year, which starts today in Derbyshire.Labour MP condemns electric vehicle manufacturers for systematically mis- selling cars. Number Plate Auctions. You can also get a fairly accurate DVLA number plates valuation by checking out the prices of number plates that have sold at auction recently. Take a look at past auction prices and try to compare your plate to the ones that have sold. Tell me about a number plate auction. The DVLA held five live auctions in 2016, with the final auction at The Hanbury Manor Hotel near Ware in Hertfordshire.If someone wants a plate, and its never been sold or assigned to a vehicle, the DVLA can put it up for auction. Car Registration Auctions and DVLA Auctions The DVLA Hold Number Plate Auctions about six times per year.The DVLA held five live auctions in 2016, with If someone wants a plate, and its never been sold or assigned to a vehicle, the DVLA can put it up for auction. Search our database of Private Number Plates, DVLA auction, and Cherished Registrations. Menu.At The Private Plate Company, we have now sold over 200,000 cherished number plates and most of them have been for private cars. Some of the more interesting private number plates to go under the hammer were The topical EN61 AND sold for ?15However, for those who for some reason missed out on this DVLA personalised number plate auction, there are others organised by DVLA registered number plate dealers. 1. Text link: DVLA auction - DVLA Personalised Registrations Last Auction Super Search Prefix Search 2017 Auctions Auction Sold Search.Description: DVLA hold a variety of number plate auctions twice a year, selling thousands of plates that were previously unissued. DVLA Auctions Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency.This plate had the highest reserve for any number ever sold at the DVLA auctions of 20,000.

It was originally issued to George Drinkwater of Braddan for his steam powered car. DVLA Guide > DVLA Registrations > DVLA Auctions. Search and Buy Private Number Plates from 39. Over 35 million registrations starting at 39 Enter your name, initials, or anything, belowDVLA Registrations. Buying and Selling Number Plates. Wychwood Park, Cheshire was the scene of some ferocious competition in June at the latest DVLA auction of cherished registrations.The mark 99 sold for 1,116,800 - making it the 8th most expensive number plate to date. Sell your bike.Honda CBR400R owners might be interested in the DVLAs next personalised number plate auction which includes the registration CBR400R. That number to your vehicle. For more information.

Call the DVLA number plates telephone number: 0843 479 2473. Private sales.DVLA sell unique registration numbers at their auctions. You can put in a bid online. Or over the phone. If you cant make it, to the auctions. Bidding commenced on of 23rd June for this online only auction. Over 210 dvla number plates failed to attract any bidds and therefore went unsold. The highest priced dvla number plate that sold in [] 1 D was sold at a DVLA auction at Ardencote Manor Hotel and Country Club, Claverdon, Warwickshire on 25th March 2009.

Including all fees and taxes, the purchaser paid 352,411.25, making 1 D the 3rd most expensive number plate ever sold at a DVLA auction. Image caption It is not known if number plate, which auctioneers described as "head-turning" will be used on a taxi or private car. A "taxi" car registration plate has been sold at auction for 92,000 after a rare appearance on the open market. The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) hold several Personalised Registrations Number Plate Auctions every year, consisting 5 Live AuctionsYou can see a full list of numbers to be sold in this auction here soon DVLA Auction Lot List-Feb18 (We can save thousands s!!! why not TWITTER NUMBER PLATE - TW11 TER - Sells in UK DVLA Auction for 4300!Singh sikh number plate - 851 ngh - b singh - sells at DVLA london auction for 12000!! This year there have been some great personalised number plates sold at the auctions, here are a few that were on offer with similar plates still available for purchase at NewReg. ELLIOT DVLA Auction Plate For those of you not in the know the DVLA holds the occasional sealed bid number plate auction.The DVLA have given guide prices, but this does not necessarily reflect the final selling price. The registration number will be sold to the highest bidder. I am looking at getting a personalised number plate and the one i want is set to "future auction" and has been like this for a good couple of years, Its a 56 plate.Does anyone have much experience in these dvla auctions? An Olympic-themed auction of personalized number plates has managed to generate a huge 4.7 million over three days.Jody Davies, DVLA personalised registrations events manager, said: Once again we have been left stunned by the tremendous level of interest in our sale. At Number Plate Auction you can buy and sell your number plate by auction. Complete number plate transfer with the DVLA is all managed by us. DVLA Personalised Registrations also auctions some of what they consider to be their more valuable registration numbers holding about six auctions a year, each selling about 1,500 registrationYou can purchase or sell any DVLA personalised registration mark through VRM Swansea Plates4 less. The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) held their latest auction of personalised number plates last month, auctioning a number of highly prized number plates to members of the public. The biggest success on the day was the sale of the number plate reading WE57 HAM which was sold for The recent DVLA personalised number plate auction saw DH11 LON being sold for cool 80,000, despite having a reserve of just 2,000. Carreg.co.uk - Number Plates. Public. Last year the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency of the United Kingdom alone raised 67m from the sale of personalised number plates.Suffix style of personal number plates is sold only at the DVLA auctions. Current Auction Listings. Please Note: Prices shown are reserve prices and the number plates listed will not be sold below reserve.DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency. We sell number plates from DVLA, our own extensive stock as well as client owned registrations.The DVLA also hold regular auctions where plates fetch a very wide range of prices so check on their website for the latest dates and find out which are available. The highest price paid for a personal number plate in Britain was once 440,000 for car registration "F1" sold at auction in January 2008,[39] but this record was broken in November 2014, when a buyer purchased number plate "25 0" for 518,000 at a DVLA auction.[40][41]. One of the UKs rarest and most sought after number plates is to be sold at auction. The DVLA plate TAX1 has been in private ownership for over 40 years but now expects to reach up to 100,000 when it goes on sale on February 22. The record-breaking plate number was 25 O, and was bought for 518,000 by leading car collector John Collins, who also owns Talacrest, which sells classic cars including vintage Italian supercars. Held at the Vale Resort near Cardiff, the three-day DVLA auction was the 150th live sale by the Agency MOTOR MARKS attend all the various DVLA, DVLNI and any independent Cherished number plate Auctions that take place throughout the year.Motor Marks are your local Leicester private number plates dealer, serving the midlands with cherished number plates. We buy and sell DVLA How can I get one? The DVLA registration site is your first port of call if youre looking for a personalised plate.These can be any combination of up to four numbers and three letters, or the other way around and are only sold at auction. You may or may not be aware that there are regular DVLA number plate auctions held (obviously) by the DVLA at various locations around the country. The next one will be at Haycock Hotel, Wansford, Cambridgeshire on 24th, 25th and 26th September 2008.The DVLA use these auctions to sell off We complete all of the paperwork to ensure the successful legal transfer of the number plate and only transfer the money from buyer to seller when a successful transfer has been completed by DVLAWith Number Plate Auction you are in control of how you sell your personalised number plates. DVLA Number Plates auctioned at the February 2013 DVLA Auction. DVLA Personalised Registrations auction held in Leeds raised more than 3.3 million for the treasury. HU11 CTY sold for 47k with 2 anonymous bidders competing for the HULL CITY football club plate. If, like us, youre fascinated by number plates, then you may be as excited as we are about the 150th DVLA auction, which is now well underway.Free Instant Number Plate Valuations: Too Good To Be True? Why And How To Sell A Number Plate Privately: A Complete Guide. Each year the DVLA has auctions for registrations they believe will fetch a large amount. Many of these are previously unreleased and so have never been on a vehicle before.Sell My Number Plate. Blog. DVLA PERSONALISED NUMBER PLATES: What happens if you buy personalised registrations at an auction or from the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA)?Some DVLA personalised number plates sell at auction for hundreds of thousands of pounds. It may be the most expensive personalised number plate ever sold at the UKs DVLA auction, but compared to other countries its almost pedestrian in value. John Collins, a classic car dealer, recently paid half a million pounds for the letter/digit combination "25 O" Search and buy from millions of personalised number plates direct from the DVLA, including auction plates and cherished plates.Have a question about number plates or how to find your ideal number plate? The next DVLA live auction will be held at the Hanbury Manor Hotel Ware Hertfordshire SG12 OSD.4 weeks later they telephoned me to say they had sold my number plate. Thanks to all the staff, would recomend. Information on DVLA registrations including how to buy and sell number plates, retaining or transferring a number plate, buying at a number plate auction, and acrylic number plates. While some numbers can be purchased online, few others can be purchased when DVLA holds an auction. The point to note is whatever the plates being sold by DVLA Number Plates are, they are all completely new and never used for any vehicles before. Auctiondvla number plate auctionauction auctioneer sells stock i4719735 at feat All number registration numbers at the DVLA auctions have reserve prices and cannot be sold lower than these or by private treaty.19 - 21 November 2008. When instructed to do so our experienced staff will coordinate the entire transfer of your number plates with DVLA Swansea and provide Dvla number plate auction raised number plate at dvla auction []Number Plate License Plate Auction. The Moment Dubai Number Plate Was Sold For Aed Million. DVLA auction number plates are shown below: Sorry, no plates to view. Please try back later.Buy/Sell Number Plates. Buy DVLA Car Registrations.

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