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I found a page suggesting using .innerHTML but that was written in 2005. A js fiddle illustrating my problemDJANGO HTML TEMPLATES : How to know Selected item in drop Down and display In the html pageOn IE Quirks mode, I want to use following code to display some javascript functions on a htmlHow do you load 2 javascript files that could have common variables between them and JavaScript in HTML - Learn how to include or embed javascript in your web pageProbably the most common way, and often preferred way, is to define the scripts in a separate file and link to them using the src attribute of the script tag.. JavaScript files must have a .js extension in the filename. (You will occasionally see a language attribute used when linking to a JavaScript file, but that is deprecated and invalid in HTML.)You do not, as a general rule, write JavaScript code inline, for reasons I will cover shortly. Its time to get your hands dirty and write your first HTML file.Whats important is that you now know how to write your own HTML code and create basic web pages.In 2018 Ill be releasing two new JavaScript courses. The first is about the JS language itself and learning the full-stack front-end JS Steps on how to write a JavaScript in your web page or in an external JavaScript file?Once the file has been saved, you can call it from the HTML code via the src attribute of the opening script tag, as shown below for write.js. How To Write Comments in JavaScript. Understanding Data Types in JavaScript.html>. Now, lets move our JavaScript code that will show the date as an

header to the script. js file Be sure that your JavaScript files (.js) do not include the