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I have little problem with facebook PHP SDKI want to like a post, or something else via facebook PHP SDKI am doing this code, I think it shoulTags: php facebook facebook-graph-api. Facebook,,Application,,Development,,with,,Graph,,API,,,Facebook,, Application,,Development,,with,,Graph,,API,,Cookbook,,,Facebook ,,Social,,Plugins,,such,,as,,the,,like,,box,,in The Graph API is the primary way to get data out of, and put data into, Facebooks platform. Its a low-level HTTP-based API that you can use to programmatically query data, postIn the new fields that appear, put message as the "name", and Hello, World as the "value. It should look something like this Some types like place need additional parameters so you should have a look at the Facebook Graph API Search documentation.With Graph API 2.1, Facebook discontinued support for FQL (Facebook Query Language). Using the Graph API /USERID/likes/PAGEID method.We can query the pagefan table to check if the user is a fan of a page or not like so: result facebook->api(array( "method" > "fql.query", "query" > "SELECT uid FROM pagefan WHERE uiduserid AND pageidpageid" )) We use Facebooks Graph API to help us with a Facebook contest and mass-responding to tons of birthday wishes made on your Facebook timeline.FQL is an SQL-like language that lets you query the data that you receive through the Graph API. You need to be familiar with setting up a Facebook Application and using the JavaScript Graph API to follow this tutorial.Ie: can still query user likes as long as the user has set it to public. In case youre wondering where a user might set this preference, it is at: (Account->Privacy Settings->Connecting To GET graph.facebook.com /me.

The returned data will look something like thisAll Graph API search queries require an access token included in the request. You need a user access token to execute a search. Graph API - это основа платформы facebook, средствами которойLikeButton - кликнув на кнопку like на сайте, ссылка на него уйдёт в новостную ленту пользователя, с его описаниемДополнительный APIs - FQL, Old REST API. FQL - Facebook Query Language - позволяет по I have OAuth2 access tokens for both Users and Facebook Pages but I dont have the type distinction stored in my database. Id like to be able to fetch basic information about the User/Page using the very same Graph API query - but for users, Id like to get email field on top of that. Luckily there are several methods Facebook offers to efficiently retrieve lots of data from the Graph API.The four methods well discuss for optimizing your Graph queries are (1) FQL, (2) nestedA node is an object returned from Graph like a user, page or event. If a page has an id of 1337 it can be When i used this facebook fql queryWhy?and how to query correctly to get a posts like info? In graph API, you can do something like this to get a posts likes API-интерфейс Google Graph API, возвращающий пустой набор данных.Не проверяя никаких других разрешений, я могу просматривать "me/likes", "me/movies" и т.д. Я понятия не имею, что я делаю неправильно. The Batch API supports JSONP, just like the rest of the Graph API - the JSONP callback function is specified using the callback query string or form post parameter.You can make batch requests using the Facebook SDK for PHP. An example request may look like this Than I tried to retrieve the liked URL with fql : fqlqueryurl"SELECT url FROM url like WHERE userid me()" query "httpsThe /me/likes connection of the Graph API user object only contains likes for Facebook pages where as the urllikes FQL table contains the Open Graph URLs Facebook Graph API search limit offset. GET graph.facebook .com/me?fieldsid,name,picture.I hope you have Got What is list of facebook graph search queries And how it works.

I would Like to have FeadBack From My Blog(live24u.com) readers.Your Valuable FeadBack,Any Question,or any If you are using Facebooks PHP SDK, you can also do this to query their graph APIUnable to get userlikes on my own Facebook user account via the Graph facebook facebook-graph-api oauth oauth-2.0 facebook-oauth. Facebook запустил Graph API v2.0, а 30 апреля 2015 года версии v1.0.Application Access Token. Если Вы будете делать запрос от имени приложения, то можно получить данные, сделав всего один запрос к Graph API. In this tutorial, were going to use Facebooks Graph API Explorer to retrieve Insights from Facebook pages youThis URL is a like a command line that tells Facebook to do something on your behalf.Step 7: Putting the query to use. The request URL is now set to retrieve a very specific insights. Making Facebook Graph API Call to Retrieve URL Data. The good part about this solution is that you dont need to be logged into Facebook to use it.Evaluating Expired Domains using Facebook Graph APIs Count of Likes, Shares, and Comments for URL. Chapter 7, FQL Matters, takes a break from the Graph API to teach you how to learn a powerful search tool— Facebook Query Language.username), application secret (which is like a password, and can be changed), and API key (which is used to access the Graph API). In graph API, you can do something like this to get a posts likes: httpsFacebook marketing api acess token Cannot share a dish on Facebook in my IOS app How to query public facebook events by location or city? v2.8 Access Facebook Ads Management API of another business? Graph API how get facebook page members/likes. Facebook like check Ive found an interesting app .You can see the lifetime number of followers (by likes to your FB page) by country using an FQL query. 2- Что такое Facebook Graph API. Для начала Facebook считает отношение между объектами " Социальным графом" (Social Graph). Facebook Graph API это основной метод получения данных в и из социальных графов Facebook. This client provides access to those primitive types in a generic way. You can read more about Facebooks Graph API here. Parameters.args (optional) - keyword args to be passed as query params. Well also learn how to use data from the Graph API to do operations like logging in a user via their Facebook account.This is great for retrieving information not available in the Graph API, as well as running multiple queries in one call. For example, we can get a users name and other details through I wonder, why when I get summary likes for post by Graph API, I get different numbers, than when I go to Post directly on FB ? I get likes by: /v2.

8/5968549163210154647196386633/likes?summarytruelimit0. View who likes object with id id: this->getFacebook()->api("/id/likes", get) Add like to objectFacebook has introduced a Graph API explorer which can help resolve a lot of these issues.Eager Load with Limit on Users per Group MySQL Join query from PHP script How to break a button orFB Graph API, This is latest and updated version and works well with new version of facebook graph api. In older version you can directly fetch fb likes by just passing the facebook page username/id but in updated version of Api, you must have to pass your facebook app id and secret key, So by npm install FacebookGraphAPI. Making Requests.Making a request looks something like: var facebookGraphApi require( facebook-graph-api) var graph new facebookGraphApi(). Tag: url , facebook-graph-api , facebook-like , facebook-fql Author: picasso704 Date: 2012-07-28.FQL get liked artists. FQL query using Facebook Graph API. Before i go into how group post is being deleted, if we look at facebook graph api, it stated under "Deleting" that. An app can delete a post if it published it. Which means that a post can only delete by the person who creates it. Я пытаюсь найти самый простой способ использования Facebook Graph API с помощью моей любимой библиотеки Requests .Я нашел здесь нечто похожее, но, похоже, все, кроме элегантности. How do you perform a basic query to get the likes on a post using FB API 4.0?facebook,facebook-graph-api,facebook-ads-api I would like to create an Ad Campaign with the Marketing API but I dont know where I can set the target URL of this campaign. Уже давно Facebook начал переходить с api.facebook.com к graph.facebook.com, с которого можно было получать всю информацию.Для этого нужно добавить два параметра в ogobject: likes.limit(0).summary(true) и comments.limit(0).summary(true). echo "Please click on the Like button to view this tab!" Вы можете сделать это на JavaScript, как это (создание ответа dwarfy на аналогичный вопрос )facebook-graph-api. The Graph API uses OAuth 2.0 for authorization. Please read the authentication guide which provides details of Facebooks OAuth 2.0 implementation, how to requestWhen querying connections, there are several useful parameters that enable you to filter and page through connection data Acheter des Likes Facebook - Acheter des fans Facebook | WooLikes. Booster sa notorit avec lachat de likes Facebook.Заходим на страницу отладчика Opeg Graph объектов Facebook, вводим урл, для которого требуется отладка, жмем Scrape Again. Nested Query. Lets say that in Facebook Graph Api every endpoint represents a node in a graph.path : enpoint url so the absolute url will be like graph.facebook.com/version/path. Typically it is endpoint feed. I want to find using graph api how many page impressions my facebook page received on each week between a starting point and present. My query is the following: idpage/insights?metricIs there any github pod library to create menu like (Facebook posts more options menu) which in the Browse other questions tagged facebook facebook-graph-api facebook-like or ask your own question.Facebook Graph API getting Data by Query from anywhere in User Description , location etc. 1. Facebook Call API 0.0.4. Purpose. Theres likely other perfectly good modules out there to fetch data from the Facebook Graph.Making a request looks something like: var facebookGraphApi require( facebook-graph-api). using facebook graph API vs FQL insights. URL for querying Facebook by Facebook Query Language (FQL). Facebook Graph API - Get postid for posted photo. How to Query Facebook uids for User Friends Likes. This video helps you learn how to get data from Facebook using graph api v2.5 Step 1: Create Facebook app using below link Is there a way to bulk query likes of users friends in a single API call?When I try to get all my "likes" (formerly fan pages) on Facebook Graph API, sometimes it returns me an empty set Как в API Facebook получить доступ к комментариям к записи в «аккаунте Instagram на базе Страницы»?Callback кнопки «like» от фэйсбука, как жить после удаления edge.create?Позволяет ли API программно совершать отложенные посты с валидацией Open Graph? In this tutorial, Lets see how to get no. of likes and other page data of a facebook page using Graph API. No official python sdk for Graph API is available. We can use Graph API REST method to interact with API. Since facebook graph api update, graph api requests need to be authenticated. 7 августа 2016 года Facebook официально прекратил поддержку API Graph 2.0, а с ним и старого FQL ( Facebook Query Language), с помощью которого мы раньше запрашивали количество лайков, репостов и другие данные. Способ 4: Строим запросы FQL (Facebook Query Language). FQL дает вам возможность использовать SQL-style интерфейс для запросов к данным. С его помощью можно проще реализовать некоторые запросы, не доступные через Graph API. В качестве варианта мы можем использовать api() метод для исполнения FQL ( Facebook Query Language) запросов, которые позволяют получать данные с помощью SQL- подобного языка. Можно использовать этот метод для тех операций, которые не описаны в Graph API

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